Performance Drawing Workshop
Frankfurt, Germany 
15/15th May 2010

Cross Disciplinary Workshop by Sofia Greff to investigate: BodyDrawing, Awareness, Time, Space, Improvisation, Presence and Experience
1st Exercise: Wool and conversation

When the wool is thrown to you, you must talk, talk about anything, then hold on to the thread before you pass to the next person. This line of thread represents your line of speech, conversation

2nd Exercise
Drawing with body
One person Moves in/around the space creating an image or word using their body/body part. The other person draws/maps this on paper using a pencil

Space, image, perspective, seeing
The persons perspective, who is drawing is different from the perspective of the person creating the movement 
We make the decisions as (the person making the movement or the person recording the movement) to how big or small we move/drawdecision making process- conscious or unconscious? 

Please see Performance Documentation and Installation pages for work I created during the workshop